Treating Biting Mites

One of the more unusual calls we get is when a person has been invaded by biting mites.  Some suggest these are actually bird or rodent mites.  These can be brought into the house by pets, meaning that reinfection can happen even after treatments to get rid of them.  In most cases, a few biting mites mean only a day or so of itchiness and scratching.  There are a few times when the mite infestation is an ongoing issue that seems impossible to resolve.

Does Ozone Treat IAQ Problems

This blog is often used to share the questions we get from calls to our office so that others can find solutions to similar questions.  

We had a question about a toxic building problem.  The concern was that workers were complaining about the conditions at work that were making them sick or tired.  Would ozone remove or solve the potential indoor air problems for the building.

How Long for an Ozone Treatment?

One of the persistent questions is how long should an ozone treatment last?  While there is no one answer, there are a few good guidelines.  The first of which is suggested by the National Ozone Association.  The rule is that no treatment should last more than eight hours.  For those companies suggesting more than an eight hour treatment, they are either ill-informed or selling zone generation that are too small for the job.

Using Ozone to Treat Mold

It is quite well known that ozone will kill mold.  In fact, it can also harm mold spores so they are not able to reproduce.  One word of advice though.  It is always a good idea to be running one of more HEPA filter systems during any kind of mold treatment.  In fact, if you are going to clean away any molded areas, it is good practice to wear a particle filter mask as well.

How to Start and Ozone Business

As the economy is on the rebound and still fresh in memory of the COVID-19 pandemic, this is perhaps the best time to enter the ozone business.  First of all, ozone is a highly effective sanitizing agent that does not use harsh chemicals that could add to the existing levels of pollution or toxic conditions.  But, since ozone cannot be bottled, trademarked, or put on the shelf; the public is ignorant of the many benefits of ozone.  Corporations ignore or badmouth ozone because they are anxious to spend millions on their latest chemi

Humidity and Ozone Generators

If your goal is to get the maximum benefits from your ozone generator, there are two external factors that will improve the ozone output.  They are humidity and temperature.  High temperatures and high humidity will decrease ozone quality and output.  High levels of humidity restrict the available oxygen atoms that the ozone generator needs to produce ozone.  After all, humidity is just another form of water (H2O) meaning two atoms of oxygen are needed to form the water vapor.  

Ozone Odor Removal for Hotels

This article is specifically designed for hotel managers and operation managers who are considering ozone odor removal for their hotel.  Additionally, we include property managers and business with multiple facilities that need odor removal and sanitizing.  By now, it is obvious that ozone is a very effective tool to destroy odors assuming that the cleaning process has been accomplished.

Treating Mold with Ozone

Treating mold with ozone is no mystery, but it must be a serious effort.  The work should be done on three levels.  First, is killing the mold, second is removing any mold or damaged material. Third is filtering out mold spores.  And, if you do this yourself, be sure to wear protective equipment, of filter mask, goggles, and gloves.

Does Ozone Sanitizing Work?

For months now, the question of ozone sanitizing has been a big issue.  People want to know if ozone sanitizing works.  In short, ozone sanitizing is very real, and proven in hundreds of examples.  In fact, you will find ozone used in farm application, factory and manufacturing application, and by the medical community.  Ozone is a non-chemical sanitizer that works each and every time.  In fact, germs cannot build an immunity to ozone because it is composed of oxygen.

Ozone Generator Size

One of the most common questions is about the size of the ozone generator, or how much ozone is needed for a proper ozone treatment?  Frankly, there is no simple answer.  There are a lot of variables.  Temperature and humidity levels influence ozone production.  The cubic feet of a room is always different than the square feet of a building. 

Ozone Generator Repairs

Ozone Generator RepairOver the years, we have seen everything.  And, we get calls from people asking about ozone generator repairs for ozone generators that should be literally thrown into the trash because they are of such poor quality.  When you are relying on an ozone generator that isn't professionally built, repairs are unlikely.  Mostly because the design process did not intend for it to be r

PPE for Ozone Treatments

In answer to the many requests about the type of personal protective equipment (PPE) needed for an ozone treatment, the answer is pretty simple.  The first rule for an ozone treatment is that people and pets must be out of the treatment area.  Ozone is a respiratory irritant, and exposure to high ozone levels will first cause a tickle cough that will resolve once in fresh air.  Prolonged exposure will then cause a "tired lung" feeling as though you had run a foot race.  This too will pass.  Lengthy time in an ozone environment can f

How to Sanitize with Ozone

We are getting a lot of questions about using ozone to sanitize a building.  The main questions are how big the machine should be and how long to run it.  Well, the answers are all over the map.  So, let's start with some basics.  First of all, ozone starts killing pathogens (virus and bacteria) from the very first minute the unit starts up.  Imagine ozone like water.  A little bit will still get things wet, and a lot will make things even wetter.  Whether little or a lot, ozone will kill viruses and bacteria.