Enter to Win our $1000 Troptions GiveAway Contest

A growing membership and increased transactions drives the constantly increasing value of Troptions.  Troptions are not speculation cryptocurrency.  Real assets are transferring between real people who have discovered that non-cash transactions are not only real but extremely beneficial.  As more people join, Troptions have a wider variety of good and services that can be obtained without depleting the cash in their wallet or running up the credit card.

We know that the more you learn about Troptions, the more convinced you will be that you need to get into the game and start growing your wealth and building a stable local economy with other good, like-minded people.  So, subscribe and you may be our next $1000 Troptions winner.  

CONTEST TERMS: No purchase necessary, but cancelling subscriptions will remove you from the drawing.  We limit communications to education and learning events that will improve your understanding of Troptions and the Xctra Rewards app.  To receive the award of $1000 in Troptions, you will need to set up a FreeWallet account and provide the QR code or code that allows our team to send your Troptions.  Link: Xctra.com

We ask that you send a quality picture of yourself for our Winner List so others know that this is a real contest that has pretty good odds of winning.