Start a Xctra Buyer's Club and Create Wealth

Lextra appBarter groups are everywhere, but tend to be old school, and they limit their membrs to "Business Only".  The Exctra Buyer's Club is far ahead of the rest.  As a barter system, we allow customers to earn Lextra points that can be spent on local goods and services or used to make purchase on the Xctra Market.  Business attract local customers by offering  reward points with each purchase.  Xctra trade credits are issued and redeemed by many stores in the area on a mobile phone.  This greatly improves the buying power of customers and attracts new customers in and old customers to return.  This is the B2C side of the program.

Lextra also has a barter platform allowing businesses to acquire goods and services with non-cash trades in the system.  They can conserve cash and get the things they need through the barter network.  This is the B2B side of the program.

Such networks do not happen without leadership and promotion.  So, one of goals is the make barter easy, fun, and very rewarding.  The Xctra club manager hosts monthly meetings that offers cryptocurrency to: 1) attend as a guest, 2) bring a guest, 3) take a training course, and 4) connect an area business, or complete a simple online training session.

The group can take advantage of the CryptoTrade Bank offers of $1000 per month cryptocurrency giveaways, and access to the Xctra marketplace where trades happen every day.  We have solved the question of where can I spend my cryptocurrency.  Member trades, the Lextra market, and participation by local stores allows anyone to start earning and spening cryptocurrency instead of the hard-earned cash.

To start you group, there is no invesment and we even invest in your success with a reserve of crytocurrency.  The Xctra app is free, but businesses do pay a modest monthly fee. With all the rewards, increase business traffic, and ability to pay for things in trade or barter; building a group is pretty simple.

Starting out we need three non-family people who will help grow the group.  Complete the form below to request sanction of your group, training, and setup of the marketing.

Buyer's club managers are paid for their efforts, and are able to reward the core leadership team.  Everyone else get the benefit of the program that is always a huge benefit.